Psychotherapy Services


Change is never an easy task but we can take on the challenge of bringing lasting positive changes into our lives at any moment we choose to. The moment we breakdown the boundaries of our comfort zone is the moment of breakthrough into a deeper level of understanding of our life; more worthy of living, experiencing, and celebrating. This is the journey I take with my clients and I invite you to take with me as well. I will be with you as your guide.

Together we will step into dark and painful experiences in your life and step out of them in the same manner. I will be with you to witness your struggle as you revisit your fears, joyful moments, denied feelings, past accomplishments that were never recognized or celebrated, your losses and regrets. All the while acknowledging and learning to accept them as also being a part of your lived life experience. You will emotionally move through them on your way towards living a more authentic, no apologizes made, balanced life.

I can offer you a safe, non-judgmental, confidential Space in which to help you become re-familiar with your denied, forgotten and misplaced emotions and feelings and experience more clarity in life.

The time and place are never right nor is the price ever too high to invest in yourself. The outcome can be a life filled with authenticity, infinite mindfulness, awareness and ultimately acceptance.

I invite you to take this journey –

Call me at 714-585-5380 for a confidential interview.