My Speciality


Do you ever feel you are at the mercy of your emotions? Does your feelings dictate your behavior with others? Are you feeling comfortably numb as you go through life?

If so, you are not alone. Welcome to Feeling Human. My Specialty is in helping you become Un-stuck! This state of “Stuckness in Life” is rooted in your inability to outwardly express certain emotions in a way that is authentic and spontaneous. As a human being you are alive and unique. You are an emotional being and you have the capacity to feel. Sometimes certain emotions may become so intense that you would rather not feel them, finding any means to distance yourself from them. Your anxiety, depression, anger outbursts, failed relationships, hold in them distressing feelings. While many techniques in psychotherapy are aimed at reducing or eliminating the symptoms of such conditions, they stop short of exploring the cause and the core emotion behind the symptoms. The emotions and feelings that remain held in, suppressed and controlled, find expression in your anxiousness, worries, low moods, ragefulness, sadness, and other mental states. The emotions denied expression, once expressed, may precisely be the catalyst that can lead you towards a greater level of contentment and satisfaction in life. Once expressed and accepted, such feelings can be the cause of powerful changes in quality of  your life and emotional well-being.

Through this process of psychotherapy you can become more self aware, self reflective and more emotionally stable. Many therapists are competent in assisting clients to rapidly remove distressing feelings using techniques that manage and control painful feelings. By use of behavior modification to alter conduct and restructure cognitions or through the use of medication this goal is achieved. The objective is for the most part to decrease or eliminate disagreeable feeling. There is more to psychotherapy than doing away with distressing emotions and feelings. Some painful feelings have a purpose and are worthy of deeper exploration. When these feelings are not avoided, are worked through and allowed expression, the result is often a tremendous healing change in personality. Every mental state carries with it an emotion and these emotions can direct our lives in a manner that is more authentic and real.

My clinical focus is on helping you identify, express, process, and accept emotions you may unknowingly be resisting or are reluctant to face. Together we can work on allowing them to be experienced once again or for the first time in a safe and private place. By obstructing the expression of sometimes painful and distressing, yet perhaps, valuable feelings and emotions, we may unintentionally hinder self expression and growth and imperil adjustment towards change.

The questions you can ask yourself are: “What emotion am I not allowing to come through and expressed?” “What emotion terrifies me which I must deny and ignore?, Why do my feelings fluctuate so often? Why do I feel this way? Why can’t I just be happy? What purpose do my feeling and emotions serve? I HATE feeling this way! 

The answers to such questions reveal much about your history and your way of being in your present life. I invite you to take this insightful journey with me.

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